Christian Feminism Today Article, Dr. Christy Sim

In Christian Feminism Today, my article on How to Help a Victim of Violence went live today.

“Since graduating with a doctorate focused on domestic violence and healing, the question I am most frequently asked is “How can I help my friend or family member who I know is being hurt?” This is followed by some variation of “They won’t leave,” and the questioner indicates a feeling they need to step in and prevent a certain death.

When Christian Feminism Today asked me to write an article about what to do when a friend or loved one is in an abusive situation, I knew exactly what to say. I have texted, emailed, Facebook messaged, answered on the phone, and communicated this answer so many times that I often wonder if I appear to be on autopilot in my response. But this question is so important and it needs to be answered well.

Therefore, to adequately answer these imperative questions and concerns, I offer the following ideas to help friends and loved ones think about how to really help someone involved in a violent situation…

To read more see:

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