A Litany for Women Who Suffer on Mother’s Day 

I know Mother’s Day is nothing more than an occasion for many women to feel intense grief. For others, this day might as well be a hashtag for antagonizing loss. And for yet other women, this is not a celebration at all, but instead a reminder of anger.

And I want to say… I hear you. I see your pain and I hurt with you in the varying experiences of suffering.

If you suffer on Mother’s Day, I wrote this for you.

“To the women who agonize this Mother’s Day, we hear you. 

To the woman who is constantly told her body didn’t do what the female body was “supposed to do” we are outraged with you. 

To the woman who wants so desperately to hold her healthy child and just can’t, we grieve with you. 

To the woman who is reminded of the loss of her mother today, we hold you & her memory close. 

To the woman who cries in agonizing grief over the loss of her own child today, our hearts ache with you. 

To the woman who struggles to raise her child alone, without help, we see all you do and give to that little one. 

To the woman whose partner forgets or doesn’t care about showing appreciation, we call out for the respect you deserve. 

To the woman battered and bruised, whether internally or externally, we call out for justice.

To the woman who feels her body is the battleground of men’s wars, we demand better. 

To all women, we call for recognition that you be held in the highest esteem, because you are the wonder and beauty of what we call “woman.”

To all those who identify as female, we declare you hold creation potential, whether real or actualized, within the marvel of your body. 

To the woman made to feel less than, we remind you of your strength, doing amazing things, in spite of oppression. 

To women everywhere, we hold a collective mirror up in order to reflect back an awareness of the truly astonishing gift you are to the world. 

To all women, both past & present, we call you forward, lifting you up in honor, recognizing your sacrifice, success, and suffering.” 


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