The art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing

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I discovered the art of zentangle as a means to artistically draw our way to healing. It is a fun process and enough friends have asked about it, I collected the best online resources together in one place. 

I hope this helps you have fun drawing and zentangling your way toward healing too!

I. For a Basic Introduction:

The original site
The Zentangle Blog

Why Zentangle works

A basic introduction guide (PDF)A basic introduction guide (PDF)


II. For Getting Started:

String Templates to begin

On organizing your patterns for Zentangle

Tangle Pattern Blocks

How to Draw a Ribbon

How to shade and blend


III. For Pattern Ideas:

Pattern Instructions

Step-by-Step Pattern Instructions


IV. How to do Various Patterns by type:

  1. Alien Crest
  2. Pattern 2
  3. Pattern 3
  4. Flair
  5. Pattern 5
  6. Pattern 6
  7. Pattern 7
  8. Pattern 8
  9. Ovy
  10.  Swells
  11. Brella
  12. LoopLoop
  13. BaloBalo
  14. Pattern 14
  15. Raffz


V. For Inspiring Samples:

Detailed Zentangle Samples

Easy Zentangle


VI. For Expanding Materials Used:

Zentangle on leaves

Zentangle on foil

Zentangle on canvas shoes


VII. My own pattern designs:


Enjoy!! Happy zentangling! 🙂

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