Don’t Drink? How About Don’t Rape?

I published a new piece with Evangelicals for Social Action that deals with the harm done when we make suggestions on how women can protect themselves from rape. "Consider this thought experiment: A survivor of sexual assault—someone whose body was literally violated by another person with unwanted touch, was humiliated, couldn’t make the person stop, … Continue reading Don’t Drink? How About Don’t Rape?

Hashtag #WhatToSay

 The last hashtag #StuffNotToSay was amazing! It was born from a creative group of friends and survivors were able to find language and images to describe the horrible things they heard when they disclosed their experience of violence. Before I knew it, I could barely keep track of posting all the amazing memes! It was … Continue reading Hashtag #WhatToSay

Hashtag #StuffNotToSay

This week my friend Amy Hollingsworth (Author of "The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers" and co-author of "Runaway Radical") posted a status that made me say "Can someone please turn this into a meme for me?" Which she did. With the message "your every wish." I posted this to my professional Dr. Christy Sim Facebook … Continue reading Hashtag #StuffNotToSay