Hashtag #WhatToSay

 The last hashtag #StuffNotToSay was amazing! It was born from a creative group of friends and survivors were able to find language and images to describe the horrible things they heard when they disclosed their experience of violence.

Before I knew it, I could barely keep track of posting all the amazing memes! It was incredible.

Then… The inevitable happened. In a twitter conversation today, someone said something along the lines of: “This is great. But how about we focus on what TO say.”

And therefore, in the words of the amazing woman who inspired this, “your every wish.”

Welcome to the world hashtag #WhatToSay

Here is what has come in so far:  


And even some with a resource in Canada & in another language:    Translation: “I believe you.”

What would your advice be for the best words to say in response to a disclosure of abuse?

What do you wish you heard when you disclosed?

What did you experience that made you feel felt and heard?

Remember to use the hashtag!


Here is what has come in since the original post: 


And In French  Translation: “You’re not alone.”

  Translation: “You’re not alone.”Translation: “How can I help you?”

 Translation: “I will be by your side.”

And in Spanish:   Literally “tell with my support” with the intent to convey the meaning of I stand with you and  “You can count on my support.”

  Translation: “I believe you.”

 Translation: “I believe you.”

And in German: Translation: “I stand with you.” 

A special thanks to Doug Mullin, Meranda McLaughlin, and Gwen Crawford for help with language translation and meme creations in multiple languages.

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