Introducing Pastor Sponsorship

Hello friends. Many of you expressed appreciation and support for my calling to be an advisor and counselor for pastors and faith leaders dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault.

I’ve been doing this job for a long time and without any pay. I love the hugs and grateful “thank you’s” but if I am going to keep doing this work, it needs to be sustainable.

Most of the pastors I help cannot pay me. And that’s fine. What matters is the survivor they are with in these moments receives the help they need from their pastor.

I created an invoice for the work I did this last Friday. If I was to charge what I was actually worth, it would be $250/hour. So for two hours, if I was actually paid what I was worth, it would be $500. This pastor could not pay it and quite frankly, I would never expect them to do so. Ministry isn’t exactly something pastors go into for the big bucks. I know, because I’ve been one too.

But someone can pay it – or lots of people can pay part of it. My gut says there are lots of people who want me to be able to keep doing this work and will help support the pastors who need me and cannot pay it.

I set up the invoice so that small amounts (any amount) can be paid and at any time.

The only information I’m giving about this situation is that the pastor is Indiana. If I gave much more, I’m afraid confidentiality of the survivor could be compromised. But I can assure you that for this particular situation I did the following:

1. I pointed him in the direction of the most helpful resources in their area, even one he didn’t know about, right in his community.
2. I was a safe space to hear and respond to fears and anxieties. It is not an easy thing to be a pastor during something as horrific as sexual assault and domestic violence. In these moments, I supported him. I listened. I provided pastor pastoral care.
3.I empowered him with the tools to help the survivor and the families involved. He knows what to do now. And if he needs more, he knows I’m here and available.

Here is what he says, so you can see a little of his response to me after helping: “You are incredible. Thanks for helping out, stepping up and out in this new venture.”

If you want to be a part of supporting this work, here is where you can go to help. I love you all.

Pastor Sponsorship


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