Gift Certificate for your Pastor or Faith Leader

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pastor or church leader this holiday season?
Why not give them access to expert help regarding domestic violence and sexual assault? It’s a gift that can help all year long.
  1. Expert guidance when a situation involving domestic violence and/or sexual assault is disclosed to the pastor in your congregation
  2. A place to talk about their own feelings about how it affects church leaders (as this is HARD work).
  3. Resources and tools to use throughout the year
  4. Access to the Facebook group to talk with other pastors and church leaders for “group think” on issues we face in this arena.
  1. You sign up to pay the subscription fee (first charge Dec 1). If you give a year certificate, we will work together to end the charges after the year is up.
  2. When you sign up on Patreon, make sure you chose something you can pass along to the faith leader to sign in and access the resources.
  3.  I email you a gift certificate that looks like this for you to print, sign, wrap all pretty, and give your faith leader.
  4. If they are on Facebook, we will get them in the Pastors/Clergy/Church Leader private group for candid discussions about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Trauma.
Here’s the link to start the process:

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