Some of the articles already on this website might be helpful for healing. Here are some quick links: The Art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing Understanding how the Brain Responds in Trauma: Neurons Firing and Wiring Transforming Anger In my doctorate research I organized healing tools into four categories. These four divisions were: Art … Continue reading HEALING Ideas

Feminism and Religion: Embodying Gaia

I have a new article out today on Feminism and Religion. This one is about ecological healing for the earth while imagining the divine as a mothering, compassionate, feminine deity. I bring out some of the wonderful work of Rosemary Radford Ruether in "Gaia and God: An Ecofeminist Theology of Earth Healing" (New York: Harper … Continue reading Feminism and Religion: Embodying Gaia

Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

I appreciate you, my readers, so much! And I hope you'll give this new, radical and edgy piece a chance. This article is an interpretation of an image by Eric Drooker: Artist (who has over 30 covers for The New Yorker). In this piece I examine and interpret how this art challenges the patriarchal nature … Continue reading Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

The art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing

Order Prints of Dr. Christy Sim's Empowered Series: She Breathes Fire She Discovers Courage      I discovered the art of zentangle as a means to artistically draw our way to healing. It is a fun process and enough friends have asked about it, I collected the best online resources together in one place.  I … Continue reading The art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing