Wonder Woman: A Divine Feminine Myth for our Time

Fair warning, this article will have spoilers—so watch the movie first! Then come back and join the conversation. This article examines aspects of the “truth behind the fiction” notion in Wonder Woman by highlighting the ways this entertaining adventure reveals the truth about the divine feminine spark women embody and cultivate in the world. See … Continue reading Wonder Woman: A Divine Feminine Myth for our Time

Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

I appreciate you, my readers, so much! And I hope you'll give this new, radical and edgy piece a chance. This article is an interpretation of an image by Eric Drooker: Artist (who has over 30 covers for The New Yorker). In this piece I examine and interpret how this art challenges the patriarchal nature … Continue reading Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

Man of the House: 

Facebook can be really great some days. As we seem to do so well on social media, a problem was written out and friends offered wise words of wisdom, hope, and... this house. I know what you're thinking. "A house?" And your inquisitive response would be legitimate. Who would ever think a photostock house could … Continue reading Man of the House: 

The Omnigender Divine Incarnate

My latest article, for Easter weekend, is published on Christian Feminism Today's website.   The battle for gender equality for women, gender fluid friends, transgender people and more... Must be fought on the battlefield of our conception of the most powerful, divine being.   Here's a teaser: "Easter is a time that brings me torment … Continue reading The Omnigender Divine Incarnate

Anger and Chemistry

This article is published on Christian Feminism Today and is a part of what I spoke about on the Talking Taboo Panel. Here's a teaser and link: "I’ve always loved science—chemistry, neurobiology, astronomy; experiments to test hypotheses; and the constant expansion of scientific fields, bringing new discoveries and innovative perspectives that signal endless possibilities in … Continue reading Anger and Chemistry

A Litany for Women Who Suffer on Mother’s Day 

I know Mother's Day is nothing more than an occasion for many women to feel intense grief. For others, this day might as well be a hashtag for antagonizing loss. And for yet other women, this is not a celebration at all, but instead a reminder of anger. And I want to say... I hear … Continue reading A Litany for Women Who Suffer on Mother’s Day 

Responding to Domestic Violence

My latest article was published on Christian Feminism Today. It took me a month to write, rewrite, and edit. Many friends contributed to the shaping of this final document. Here's a teaser... "How often do religious leaders choose protecting the ones in power over giving voice to the people accusing these leaders of abuse? Way … Continue reading Responding to Domestic Violence

Christian Feminism Today Article, Dr. Christy Sim

In Christian Feminism Today, my article on How to Help a Victim of Violence went live today. "Since graduating with a doctorate focused on domestic violence and healing, the question I am most frequently asked is “How can I help my friend or family member who I know is being hurt?” This is followed by … Continue reading Christian Feminism Today Article, Dr. Christy Sim