Survivor/Advocate Conversation: Understanding Triggers Years Later

Survivor/Advocate Conversation: Understanding Triggers Years Later A big thank you to my dear friend Ursula Kuba for being courageous and sharing her trauma story to help others.   Survivor: So. I thought I was over this two years ago. But last week a male police officer came to do an investigation at work (that had … Continue reading Survivor/Advocate Conversation: Understanding Triggers Years Later

For Such a Time as this Rally (During the Southern Baptist Convention 2018)

  The #ForSuchaTimeasThisRally was a great success! A good crowd gathered outside of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas Texas asking the faith community to honor and value women, especially in relation to domestic violence and sexual assault.   The speakers included myself and: (Click on each name to access their website) Ashley … Continue reading For Such a Time as this Rally (During the Southern Baptist Convention 2018)


Some of the articles already on this website might be helpful for healing. Here are some quick links: The Art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing Understanding how the Brain Responds in Trauma: Neurons Firing and Wiring Transforming Anger In my doctorate research I organized healing tools into four categories. These four divisions were: Art … Continue reading HEALING Ideas

What is Wrong with Conditions?

According to an article published by Slate this week, the prosecuting attorney in Honolulu created stipulations for victims of violence to receive services in the local shelter.  As of today, July 15, 2017, the article is available for review here. In this piece it states the following conditions must be met if a person desires … Continue reading What is Wrong with Conditions?

Man of the House: 

Facebook can be really great some days. As we seem to do so well on social media, a problem was written out and friends offered wise words of wisdom, hope, and... this house. I know what you're thinking. "A house?" And your inquisitive response would be legitimate. Who would ever think a photostock house could … Continue reading Man of the House: 

Hashtag #WhatToSay

 The last hashtag #StuffNotToSay was amazing! It was born from a creative group of friends and survivors were able to find language and images to describe the horrible things they heard when they disclosed their experience of violence. Before I knew it, I could barely keep track of posting all the amazing memes! It was … Continue reading Hashtag #WhatToSay

Hashtag #StuffNotToSay

This week my friend Amy Hollingsworth (Author of "The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers" and co-author of "Runaway Radical") posted a status that made me say "Can someone please turn this into a meme for me?" Which she did. With the message "your every wish." I posted this to my professional Dr. Christy Sim Facebook … Continue reading Hashtag #StuffNotToSay

Neurons Firing & Wiring 

Did you know that anything can become a trigger for your brain's fear response? A smell. A stuffed animal. A song. A picture. Even the most innocent things can become the cue for your brain to prepare your body for survival. When your brain is processing whatever that object or experience is at the same time … Continue reading Neurons Firing & Wiring 

Anger and Chemistry

This article is published on Christian Feminism Today and is a part of what I spoke about on the Talking Taboo Panel. Here's a teaser and link: "I’ve always loved science—chemistry, neurobiology, astronomy; experiments to test hypotheses; and the constant expansion of scientific fields, bringing new discoveries and innovative perspectives that signal endless possibilities in … Continue reading Anger and Chemistry

The art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing

Order Prints of Dr. Christy Sim's Empowered Series: She Breathes Fire She Discovers Courage      I discovered the art of zentangle as a means to artistically draw our way to healing. It is a fun process and enough friends have asked about it, I collected the best online resources together in one place.  I … Continue reading The art of Zentangle: A Tool for Healing