Sampling of Prior Consults

Sampling of Prior Consults: ORGANIZATION   CONSULT WORK   Professor, Claremont School of Theology   Question: “If a layperson who is not academically trained or educated wanted to read some things to help understand the experience of an abuse survivor and what is involved in the healing journey, what might you recommend to them? This … Continue reading Sampling of Prior Consults

The story of the 2018 Christian Feminism Today Conference

Since I just finished writing an entire 60K book about two months ago, I haven't written much of anything! And not just in those two months, it's more like I haven't published anything for a year or more. The book was kind of it. However, Lē Weaver and I just finished co-writing an article about … Continue reading The story of the 2018 Christian Feminism Today Conference

Gift Certificate for your Pastor or Faith Leader

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pastor or church leader this holiday season? Why not give them access to expert help regarding domestic violence and sexual assault? It's a gift that can help all year long.   HERE IS WHAT THEY GET: Expert guidance when a situation involving domestic violence and/or sexual … Continue reading Gift Certificate for your Pastor or Faith Leader

Introducing Pastor Sponsorship

Hello friends. Many of you expressed appreciation and support for my calling to be an advisor and counselor for pastors and faith leaders dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault. I've been doing this job for a long time and without any pay. I love the hugs and grateful "thank you's" but if I am … Continue reading Introducing Pastor Sponsorship

Patreon Explained in a Poster

Hello friends! Hopefully this poster makes the new Patreon launch really simple and helpful. I think the hardest things for folks to understand is the amount of resources that are available with each level. For example, if you sign up for the $25 donation amount, you get the $15, $10, and $5 rewards too. There … Continue reading Patreon Explained in a Poster

New From Dr. Sim!

Big and exciting news! I am launching a new adventure. What is it, you say? I am making my designs, resources, and research available for you. If you want to find ways to expand your reach, explore original ideas, and creatively help yourself and others on the healing journey, I encourage you check this out! … Continue reading New From Dr. Sim!