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Review: The Christian Century. Ruth Everhart: Trauma Survivors in your Congregation. How Will you Help them Heal? June 3, 2019. “The practical application here is crucial. Pastors need to move beyond an emphasis on talk therapy (which is cognition-based) and help survivors access tools that engage traumatic memories as they come in through the low road (which lies outside the realm of cognition).”

Review: Christian Feminism Today: A Book Review of Survivor Care by Rev. Darcy Metcalf.“Christy Gunter Sim’s Survivor Care speaks directly to persons who have survived trauma and all people who support survivors. She writes with clarity and sincerity as a survivor, professional, and clergy member. These particular standpoints give her exceptional insight into reimagining who the church is called to be and how it is called to minister to those who have survived abuse and trauma.”


Review: The Christian Librarian. Jaclyn Lee Parrott Eastern Washington University. Parrott, Jaclyn Lee (2019) “Sim’s “Survivor care: What religious professionals need to know about healing trauma” (book review),” The Christian Librarian: Vol. 62 : Iss. 2 , Article 28. Available at: ” This book is recommended for any aspiring or practicing religious professionals who interact with those who have experienced traumatic incidences, namely, domestic violence or sexual assault.”

Review from the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Vol 74, No 3 by Dorothea Crites, page 217.

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The Anabaptist Biblical Seminary created a list of best resources on Trauma and Resilience. This book is included on that list!

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Quote: February 6, 2019: The Western PA Conference:Survivor Care: Many clergy and pastoral-care professionals are unprepared to assist the victims of domestic violence who sit in their churches’ pews, writes Dr. Christy Gunter Sim in “Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need to Know About Healing Trauma,” a book recently published by the UMC Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Get details.

Quote: January 22, 2019: #MeToo in Church: New Guide to Pastoral Care for Domestic Violence Survivors. “In my world, where I deal with survivors of violence daily, I see women in particular leaving the church in order to find healing elsewhere. The space that should be welcoming, loving and supportive becomes a source of greater agony and pain,” writes Sim. “… It is time to pay attention to this crucial issue in our faith communities, and this book is a guide for how to do that.”

Recommended by Flying Free : Resources for Pastors, Clergy, and Helpers

Recommended by Healing the Healers: Pastoral Care after Trauma, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology

Recommended as a Resource for Pandemic Pastoring: Eileen Campbell Reed

Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion

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