Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

I appreciate you, my readers, so much! And I hope you'll give this new, radical and edgy piece a chance. This article is an interpretation of an image by Eric Drooker: Artist (who has over 30 covers for The New Yorker). In this piece I examine and interpret how this art challenges the patriarchal nature … Continue reading Eric Drooker’s “Crucifixion”

Man of the House: 

Facebook can be really great some days. As we seem to do so well on social media, a problem was written out and friends offered wise words of wisdom, hope, and... this house. I know what you're thinking. "A house?" And your inquisitive response would be legitimate. Who would ever think a photostock house could … Continue reading Man of the House: 

Don’t Drink? How About Don’t Rape?

I published a new piece with Evangelicals for Social Action that deals with the harm done when we make suggestions on how women can protect themselves from rape. "Consider this thought experiment: A survivor of sexual assault—someone whose body was literally violated by another person with unwanted touch, was humiliated, couldn’t make the person stop, … Continue reading Don’t Drink? How About Don’t Rape?

Hashtag #WhatToSay

 The last hashtag #StuffNotToSay was amazing! It was born from a creative group of friends and survivors were able to find language and images to describe the horrible things they heard when they disclosed their experience of violence. Before I knew it, I could barely keep track of posting all the amazing memes! It was … Continue reading Hashtag #WhatToSay

Hashtag #StuffNotToSay

This week my friend Amy Hollingsworth (Author of "The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers" and co-author of "Runaway Radical") posted a status that made me say "Can someone please turn this into a meme for me?" Which she did. With the message "your every wish." I posted this to my professional Dr. Christy Sim Facebook … Continue reading Hashtag #StuffNotToSay

What We Can Learn from the Christianity Today Article with Saeed

This article went live today and I encourage you all to read it. My purpose is two-fold. First, to analyze how Saeed's answers to the interview questions give us a glimpse into how he might be abusive (and to understand abusers in general). And second, to investigate what happens when a big publication like Christianity … Continue reading What We Can Learn from the Christianity Today Article with Saeed

False Reports of violence & assault are not as common as society believes

In light of several things going on in popular culture these days, I've had many requests for information on false allegations and false reporting when it comes to domestic violence and sexual assault. So I put together a research & resource list so folks can investigate for themselves and understand the issue. Bottom line? False … Continue reading False Reports of violence & assault are not as common as society believes

Dr. Sim’s Resource List for the Neurobiology of Trauma: 

After my presentation at the Crime Victim's Rights Conference (in a 90 minute session titled "Professionals Playing: Healing & Wholeness in the Midst of Vicarious Trauma"), I was asked for my resource list. A top 10 greatest neurobiology hits, I believe was the exact wording! If I was to create a works cited from all … Continue reading Dr. Sim’s Resource List for the Neurobiology of Trauma: 

The Omnigender Divine Incarnate

My latest article, for Easter weekend, is published on Christian Feminism Today's website.   The battle for gender equality for women, gender fluid friends, transgender people and more... Must be fought on the battlefield of our conception of the most powerful, divine being.   Here's a teaser: "Easter is a time that brings me torment … Continue reading The Omnigender Divine Incarnate

Neurons Firing & Wiring 

Did you know that anything can become a trigger for your brain's fear response? A smell. A stuffed animal. A song. A picture. Even the most innocent things can become the cue for your brain to prepare your body for survival. When your brain is processing whatever that object or experience is at the same time … Continue reading Neurons Firing & Wiring