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  1. Book: Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need to Know about Healing Trauma. Release Date: Spring 2019. Publisher: GBHEM (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry) with Wesley Foundery Books.
  2. Chapter in the Book: What About Us? edited by Lisa Michaels.
  3. Chapter in the Book: Women Experiencing Faith, edited by Thomas J. Oord and Janel Apps Ramsey.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:


Article: Annesley Article: Believing Survivors Know Best

Article: Christianity Today’s Interview with Saeed

Article: Responding to Domestic Violence Allegations in the Faith Community

Article: How to Help a Victim of Violence

Article: Don’t drink? How about don’t rape?


Divine Feminine:



Article: Wonder Woman: A Divine Feminine Myth for our Time

Article: Provocative Representation of the Divine Feminine, Eric Drooker’s Crucifixion

Article: Toward an Inclusive Incarnation

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Article:Transformative Anger

Book: Featured author in theAnthology Love Among Us,” edited by Thomas Oord and Darrin Grinder, 2009 (Outskirts Press).  Chapter 8, Grasping Hope: “Two Men with Choices.”

Book/Editing: Assisted in the academic edit and review of “Philosophy of Religion: Introductory Essays(Beacon Hill Press, 2003), Edited by Thomas Jay Oord, PhD.

Editing: Assisted in the academic edit and review of Relational Holiness: Responding to the Call of Love (Beacon Hill Press, 2005) by Thomas Jay Oord, PhD and Michael Lodal, PhD.

Book Chapter: Talking Taboo.

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Fox News Interview on Talking Taboo

Publishers Weekly Review of Talking Taboo

Huffington Post Article on Talking Taboo

Talking Taboo: A Review


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Brew Theology: After #MeToo, Consulting with Janel Apps Ramsey. Podcast Link and Blog Link





Book dedication in A.J. Downey‘s book, “A Brother At My Back: The Sacred Brotherhood Book VI.” Information about the book is available here.

Book Dedication


Quoted, Reviewed, Interviewed, or Cited in Articles:

Quote: October 2017, Quoted in a Sermon by Dr. Michael Gardner. Hope Dealers: God’s Incredible Love  “I love the wisdom of Dr. Christy Sim, an abuse advocate, “The hard work of recovery is to empower women to claim their strength and their own hope.”

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Quoted from Interview: February 2017, We Will Speak Out: When the Phone Rings, VAWA.

Quote: November, 2016,Women and Church. Cited and quoted by the author.

Standing as Egalitarian: Women and Church, Abuse advocate Christy Sim

Quote: July 2016, Quoted in Verily Magazine.  Mary Rose Somarriba. Article: 5 Ways We Can Teach Our Daughters to Fight Rape Culture(up to 836 shares)

Quote: June 2016, New Brunswick Canada: Women’s Equality#WhatToSay A discussion on Twitter sparked the development of a new Blog post on “What to Say” to survivors of abuse. The author (Dr. Christy Sim) is still taking suggestions (in meme form) to add to her blog. These can be in English, French, or any other language you’d like!

Quote/Interview: May 2016, Patheos: Unfundamentalist Parenting with Cindy Brandt. Article: When Kristoff Asks Anna For Consent in Frozen (6964 shares as of 6-15-16 and 1K Likes)

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Mentioned in Articles:

For Such a Time as This Rally, Southern Baptist Convention 2018: Christian Leaders: What You Need to Know about the Rally for Women at the SBC. June 7, 2018.

For Such a Time as This Rally, Southern Baptist Convention 2018: Black Christian News. June 6, 2018.

North Texas Facing Family Violence Conference 2017: Dr. Christy Sim, Speaker.

Crisis Response Ministry of Texas, Evening of Empowerment Update 2017, with guest speaker Dr. Christy Sim.

Kansas Governor’s Office, Dr. Christy Sim Presenting at the 2016 Crime Victims Conference on helping Professionals Play and Heal

YWCA of Topeka, Week Without Violence 2015 Guest Speaker for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Spiritual Sounding Board, recommended as a Helpful Resource, Helping a Victim of Domestic Violence

Author of ‘Covering Up Luther,appreciation to Christy Sim.


Press Releases:

May 2017:  Congratulations on Signing Book Contract

May 2016:  Announces New Executive Director


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Meet the Team:

AIMS Consulting and Training “Dr. Christy Sim is contracted with GBHEM Publishing, writing a book for professionals responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (scheduled for release Spring 2019).

Sim currently sits on the Institutional Review Board for Claremont School of Theology where she assesses care for vulnerable populations researched by PhD students.

She was previously the Executive Director of Stronger, an organization that provides healing tools for survivors of violence, and she spent time as the Accreditation and Technical Assistance Coordinator for the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence (KCSDV).

She graduated with a doctorate in Global Health and Wholeness with her main area of research in healing after violence. She has a chapter in the book Talking Taboo (Eds. Lane and Okoro; White Cloud Press, 2013) titled “Celebration of Strength.”