Sampling of Prior Consults

Sampling of Prior Consults:




Professor, Claremont School of Theology


Question: “If a layperson who is not academically trained or educated wanted to read some things to help understand the experience of an abuse survivor and what is involved in the healing journey, what might you recommend to them? This would be a person who really would like to understand what an abuse survivor is going through and wants to support them but is not going to read a lot of heavy academic literature. Are there briefer pieces, websites, or even narrative accounts you would recommend to such a person?”

PDF of the Answer


Professor, Claremont School of Theology


Question: “Do you have a couple of go-to resources for friends and support people of adult survivors of sexual abuse? Like on how to support someone who is discovering or dealing with the effects of childhood sexual abuse now that they are adults.”

PDF of the Answer


MDiv Student, Brite Divinity School


Question: How do we get our congregations on board with an understanding of trauma and healing for domestic violence and sexual assault?

PDF of Brite Divinity MDiv Answer

Hope Rising, Domestic Violence Agency


·         Provided guidance on how to respond to disclosures of violence

·         Provided Stalking Resources

·         Served as an Expert on a Talk Back panel following a theater production about Title IX


Families to Freedom, Travel for Survivors ·         Reviewed policy development and made recommendations for revisions


Brew Theology Podcast ·         Reviewed materials prepared to discuss the #MeToo movement


Pastor ·         What to expect in the forensic exam.

·         Next steps for helping a survivor of sexual assault.

·         Providing guidance and resources on what to say and how to say it.


Pastor ·         How to help with our own feelings of guilt and inadequacy.


Crisis Response Ministry


·         Liaison with District Attorney’s Office.

·         Provision of confidentiality standards.

·         Self-care for first responders


Staff member at Relationships Australia (Perth, Western Australia). ·         Resources provided for understanding common trauma responses and expected victim behavior for the organization’s work in their Men’s Domestic Violence Program and Family Abuse Integrated Response (FAIR) programs.
Consultation with (anonymous) college professor. ·         Provided resources on mindfulness, meditation, and healing opportunities after traumatic experiences.
Consultation with member of InterVarsity (the nondenominational campus project). ·         Provided resources on Campus Sexual Assault for their University chapters across the nation. This included providing resources in: How to work with survivors in order not to victimize again and how to train people desiring to work in the field of sexual assault.
Consult with LSMW and professor at Wichita State University. ·         Provided LGBTQ and Intimate Partner Violence resources
Consultation with (anonymous) blogger with 18,000 followers. ·         Provided a framework for understanding the experience of sexual assault. Helped formulate how to be trauma-informed and survivor-centered.
PhD students (all but dissertation) ·         Advising which direction studies and research could go for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (with guidance on best practices and care when researching vulnerable population).

·         Guidance on how to be trauma-informed during human subject research. How to best collect data from a traumatized group of people without causing harm.


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