The Omnigender Divine Incarnate

My latest article, for Easter weekend, is published on Christian Feminism Today’s website.


The battle for gender equality for women, gender fluid friends, transgender people and more… Must be fought on the battlefield of our conception of the most powerful, divine being.


Here’s a teaser:
“Easter is a time that brings me torment and pain.


During this season, I become all too aware, deep within my being, that what I believe doesn’t match up with the societal conventions playing out around me. I feel pushed aside and ignored.
Easter weekend is a time when most Christians are focused exclusively on a male divine being.


And as I watch what is going on around me, I feel so alone in insisting we need to believe in divinity who is not just like a woman (eagle mother, woman in labor, etc.) but who is female, transgender, gender fluid, gender queer, and male as well.
I’m talking about needing an ontological and biological incarnation of the feminine and more; a divine who is all of us. Who is not an analogy (like a woman) but who is all of us, all genders…”
See more from Christian Feminism Today here:

Toward an Inclusive Incarnation


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